Aspiring gamers can now pick up tips from Ninja in new book, Get Good
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If you or someone you know has aspirations to be the next big professional gamer, maybe you should check out this book. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins can now add author to his repertoire. Ninja: Get Good: My Ultimate Guide To Gaming made its debut in bookstores this week. Now fans of Ninja or just those wanting to know his story can read all about it from the Fortnite pro himself in his own words. I am positive fans of his and those just wanting some tips to becoming a gaming pro themselves will snap this book up.

The Twitch streaming sensation had this to say after his book launched: “I have been gaming my entire life and have been playing games professionally for 10 years. Everything I have learned and more condensed into my first book. I hope you love it.”

Topics covered

Get Good reportedly contains a lot of helpful content beyond Ninja’s own rise to fame. Ten years of experience pretty much does make him an authority on the subject of professional gaming. Readers will learn about how to attain success in the massive industry of professional gaming, such as what equipment is needed. If you play on a team, for example, he also offers helpful strategies. According to Ninja, he wrote all these handy tips that he wished he knew before he embarked on professional gaming domination.

There is additionally a Ninja Notebook containing “a journal with 6 sheets of Ninja-style stickers and prompts, tips, and tricks featured throughout.”

On a personal note, I think this is a very helpful tool for both his fans and gamers just trying to make their mark in this truly huge world of professional esports. It will be very interesting to see what sales numbers will be on Ninja’s first book. Don’t forget he still has other two planned books. You can pick up a copy for yourself via Amazon or your local book store.