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After her big reveal at Blizzcon 2018, Overwatch‘s newest hero is playable on the PTR. Ashe, the leader of the Deadlock Gang, can now be tested out as of today.

Blizzard would introduce the 29th hero at Blizzcon, right before the Overwatch World Cup. They would first play a brand new cinematic, “Reunion”, which would feature McCree and Ashe at the foreground. Afterward, they would state that she is the games’ new hero. Ashe is a damage dealing sharpshooter with a B.O.B., a robot butler turned sidekick as an ultimate. Let us jump into the backstory, abilities, and playstyle for the Rebellious Gunslinger.

The Wealthy Beginnings of Ashe

Ashe was born to a rich family, with both parents working as business consultants for CEOs across the world. Unfortunately, this meant that her parents did not pay much attention to her as a child. In fact, Bob, the family’s omnic butler, would take care of Ashe for most of her childhood. Even though Ashe was given the best tools for her success, her craving for a true family would continuously bother her. Ashe would become a delinquent, constantly getting into trouble at school and later on, with the law. A chance meeting with McCree would eventually set her on the path of becoming an outlaw.

Alongside McCree, she would create the family she so desperately longed for: The Deadlock Gang. Together, they would pull off more and more daring heists, becoming much more infamous as a result. She would also get in conflicts with the authorities, as well as rival gangs. After years of war between the gangs, Ashe would put an end to it all. Using the business knowledge her parents passed on to her, she would bring together all the gangs and work together as one. Her rules were simple: keep your word, don’t work with the law, respect each other’s territory, and always punish betrayal. Without having to worry about other gangs, she now tops the authorities’ most-wanted list.

Ability List

Source: Blizzard

Ashe’s abilities make her a very versatile hero to use on the battlefield. She has the ability as a sharpshooter to snipe down priority targets but does have capable burst damage as well. Her primary weapon is called the Viper, a lever-action rifle with two firing modes. The first mode is semi-automatic, where she can rapidly fire off several rounds at an enemy. The second mode is more for precision and impact, as the player goes into ADS with the weapon. The weapon will fire slower in ADS but will deal more damage in return.

Her secondary weapon is the Coach Gun, a short-range sawed-off shotgun. With this weapon, Ashe can deal plenty of damage up close while knocking both herself and her enemies back. She can use the gun to reposition herself, jump up to higher ground, or even retreat. It will be useful when a dangerous melee character like Genji or Reinhardt is in Ashe’s face, and she needs a brief respite from the battle.

Ashe’s Dynamite ability throws a bundle of explosives onto the battlefield. If left alone, the explosive will detonate after a delay. However, she can surprise enemies by shooting the bomb early, which also set the explosive off. When enemies are caught in the blast, they take the initial explosion damage. At the same time, the bomb sets enemies on fire for a set amount of time. It is a great feature that can help finish targets off when they think they’ve gotten away.

Finally, Ashe’s ultimate calls upon B.O.B., her trusty omnic butler turned battle buddy. When a player summons Bob, he charges forward and knocks up the first enemy he hits. If he doesn’t hit anyone, he will continue running until he hits a wall. When he stops, Bob will turn into a turret that fires upon enemies with his arm cannons. With a plethora of weaponry at her disposal, Ashe will be lighting up the battlefield in no time!

Have you tried out Ashe on the Overwatch PTR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want more Overwatch coverage, check us out here!