Armored Core 6: Who is the voice actor for Walter in AC6?
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When you first load up a mission in Armored Core 6, the first voice you will hear is that of Handler Walter. It’s not immediately clear who Walter is, but you know that he’s the one responsible for sending you on the missions in the early part of the game. The character’s true intentions won’t be revealed until later, but one part of Walter that is no secret in AC6 is who his voice actor is.

Walter has two different voice actors, one for the English version of the game and one for the Japanese version. Fans of FromSoftware games will likely recognize the English voice actor, as he has appeared in several of the studio’s previous titles.

If you’re interested in identifying the man behind Handler Walter in AC6, check out the guide below.

The voice actor for Handler Walter in Armored Core 6

As previously mentioned, Walter has two different voice actors, both of whom deliver unique performances in their depiction of the mysterious character. The two voice actors for Walter in AC6 are:

  • Patrick Seitz (English version)
  • Takayumi Sakazume (Japanese version)

If the name Patrick Seitz sounds familiar to you, then you have likely played a few FromSoftware games in your time. Seitz is the voice behind the Patches character in Armored Core: For Answer. Released in 2008, For Answer was the first time that FromSoftware’s now-classic character made an appearance. Patches was originally called Patch the Good Luck in that game and is now a recurring character in most FromSoft games.

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As for the Japanese voice actor Takayumi Sakazume, they are not too well-known in the gaming space. Sakazume voiced Ken Ogawa in Ninja Blade and Mephiles the Dark in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). His resume isn’t as noteworthy as Seitz’s, but both of the voice actors deliver fantastic performances in AC6.

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