Armored Core 6: What does EN Shortfall mean in AC6?
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There are plenty of different terms that you will see throughout your time in Armored Core 6. Whether it’s a term that appears while you’re completing a mission or tinkering with your build in the garage, all of the terms mean something different. There are also terms that appear more often than others in AC6, such as EN Shortfall.

EN Shortfall will only appear when you are either assembling your build in the garage or buying new parts for your AC. It will pop up right over the model of your AC on the right-hand side of the screen in red letters. This can be quite confusing to see, especially in the early hours of the game, as your build can’t be sent on a mission when it’s in EN Shortfall.

What does EN Shortfall mean in AC6?

What does EN Shortfall mean in AC6?
Our build being in EN Shortfall. | Screenshot via Upcomer

EN Shortfall means that your build has too much energy output for your current parts to maintain. To be more specific, EN Shortfall stands for “Energy Shortfall” in AC6. Each weapon and piece of armor you equip has an energy value, and if the combined energy output of those parts exceeds your maximum EN Load limit, then your build will be in EN Shortfall.

To get rid of any shortcomings in the energy department, you will need to equip a new Generator. Generators are the only part that will increase your EN Load limit, which is indicated by the graph in the bottom-right corner of the garage screen. If you want to equip a certain build, you need to make sure you’re using a Generator that has a high enough EN Load limit to handle the build’s energy.

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You will unlock new and better Generators as the story in AC6 goes on, so don’t get too frustrated if you don’t see a Generator you like early on.

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