Armored Core 6: The best build for CEL 240 in AC6
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There is perhaps no harder boss fight in all of Armored Core 6 than the one against CEL 240 at the end of Chapter 4. CEL is unlike anything you have faced previously, as it combines speed and power in a way that is unrivaled on Rubicon. As such, you need the absolute best build to take down CEL 240, or else you will spend hours and hours attempting the fight to no avail.

Of course, even with the best build, you will likely still restart the fight over and over due to how strong CEL 240 is. To help with that, I will outline the strategy that I used to take CEL down and give you the exact build I created to put the strategy into action.

The best build for CEL 240 in Armored Core 6

First, I will list every part by name so you can copy it directly. You likely won’t have all of these parts in your Garage when you go to fight CEL 240, so you will need to restart the Reach the Coral Convergence mission with the new build in place. Then, you can use the build against CEL after getting through the first part of the mission.

Here is the exact parts list I used to beat CEL 240:


  • Right Arm – DF-GA-08 HU-BEN Gatling Gun
  • Left Arm – PB-033M ASHMEAD Pile Bunker
  • Right Back – VE-60SNA Ice Worm Stun Needle Launcher
  • Left Back – VE-60SNA Ice Worm Stun Needle Launcher


  • Head – HD-033M VERRILL
  • Core – CC-2000 ORBITER
  • Arms – VP-46S
  • Legs – EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA


  • Booster – Nothing
  • FCS – FC-008 TALBOT
  • Generator – VP-20D


  • Expansion – Assault Armor
CEL 240 build in Armored Core 6
The CEL 240 build in AC6. | Screenshot via Upcomer

How to beat CEL 240 in AC6

Using this exact build, here are my strategies for using it in the best way possible to defeat CEL 240. You can read my previous guide to see a more in-depth analysis of CEL 240’s attacks as well.

  • The fight begins with CEL launching a series of beams from the air and then using its fan blade attack.
  • Dodge these two attacks and head towards the middle of the lake. Here, CEL will stop for one to two seconds. When it’s stopped, get close to it and fire both of your Stun Needle Launchers. If you hit both, then it will be staggered and you can charge up your Pile Bunker to deal massive damage.
  • Throughout the fight, fire non-stop with your Gatling Gun when CEL is close enough.
  • A couple of CEL’s attacks will make her stop for a second or two. During this time, you need to hit her with one or both of your Stun Needle Launchers. If it gets staggered, go in with your Pile Bunker.
  • You can also use the Assault Armor to deal some extra damage when CEL is staggered.
  • You want to try and make sure CEL is on the ground when you stagger it. If it’s in the air, CEL will remain floating and you won’t have time to fly to it and deliver a Pile Bunker attack.
  • Using the build’s mini-tank legs, you want to remain driving on the ground. Do not fly into the air, as the build is not meant to remain airborne for too long.
  • On the ground, drive in circles around CEL using your Gatling Gun. When CEL flies into the air, try to remain locked on her and dodge the attacks that come down.
  • All of these strategies can be used in both phase one and phase two, but phase two will require more dodging and less attacking.

This boss fight will likely take you many attempts, so try not to get frustrated with CEL. The fight is meant to be difficult, but there is no better feeling in Armored Core 6 than when you finally take down CEL 240.

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