Armored Core 6: How to beat Ayre in AC6
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In one of the endings in Armored Core 6, you will have to face off against Ayre. Your former ally turns on you when you decide to side with Carla and burn the Coral on Rubicon. Seeing as she and her brothers and sisters are made of Coral, Ayre isn’t too fond of this decision. In the final mission of Chapter 5, Ayre goes to a satellite in space and challenges you to one final battle in AC6.

As you might expect from a final boss fight, this is no easy encounter. Ayre is extremely similar to CEL 240 from the end of Chapter 4; she’s extremely fast, has devastating Coral attacks, and has more health than most other enemies. If you’re like me, then you have likely struggled with Ayre for hours, failing attempt after attempt.

Luckily, I was able to beat Ayre and finish AC6, and I’m going to pass the strategies I used on to you.

How to beat Ayre in Armored Core 6

Ayre AC6
Ayre can be defeated. | Screenshot via Upcomer

First off, let’s go over the build I used to beat Ayre. I have a more in-depth look at the build in a previous guide, but the basics are dual Gatling Guns for arms and dual Stun Needle Launchers for shoulders. This is all on top of the mini-tank legs, but you can also use the tetrapod or larger tank legs as well.

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With the build out of the way, I will list some of the best strategies I used to take Ayre out.

  • Ayre will have her shield enabled for the first half of the fight. You need to use the dual Gatling Guns to constantly rain down fire to lower her shield’s health.
  • You want to try and get close enough to her to fire the Stun Needle Launchers at the same time. If you’re too far, Ayre will dodge the shots easily.
  • With her shield down, keep firing shots from as close to her as you can get.
  • At around half her health, Ayre’s shield will be depleted and all of the damage you deal will go directly to her health bar.
  • It’s important to always be on the move and try to go in a closing circle fashion, which basically means keep going around Ayre but close the gap when you can so you have a higher chance of landing shots.
  • Your Stun Needle Launchers are the best way to deal massive damage, so make sure those shots count.
Attacking Ayre with the Stun Needle Launchers. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Using those attack strategies, I was able to defeat Ayre in a few attempts while using the build I listed above. For several hours before that, I used other builds that simply didn’t work, no matter how hard I tried.

When it comes to staying alive against Ayre, you need to always stay on the move. I found that a lot of her attacks didn’t have to be dodged, as I could outrun most of them. However, you want to ensure you’re dodging her signature attacks, which includes a giant red beam of energy she launches in the air and a flying attack that sees her spawn two red Coral wings and swoop down to the ground.

I highly recommend increasing your camera sensitivity to 10 in the settings so you have an easier time finding Ayre on your screen. She moves incredibly fast, so don’t expect to always have her in your sights. If you lose sight of Ayre, the best thing to do is start rolling quickly in one direction and throwing in a few dodges when you hear the incoming damage audio cue.

Staying close to Ayre has its advantages and disadvantages. | Screenshot via Upcomer

This goes double during phase two of the fight, as Ayre will start coming at you with stronger attacks with a much wider range. You need to wait for your chances to attack, which usually comes after Ayre has just made a larger move.

It will take several attempts for you to understand Ayre’s attack patterns and when is the best time to use your weapons. However, Ayre is not an impossible boss to beat in AC6, so you just have to keep trying.

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