Armor in Apex Legends will receive a huge adjustment soon, leak suggests
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Apex Legends appears to be in the middle of a quiet overhaul to some of the game’s mechanics. With a possible third-person mode coming and skill-based matchmaking turned down, fans have a lot to be excited about. However, while major fixes are great, some minor changes are needed as well to help support those long-term adjustments and additions. Luckily for the community, a leak suggests that a highly-requested minor fix is coming sooner rather than later. According to @That1MiningGuy, armor will be the focus of this upcoming adjustment.

Apex Legends changing up armor mechanics

Armor, or Body Shields as they referred to in-game, are essential in order to succeed in Apex Legends. They are one of the top priorities players have when first dropping in and looting an area. As such, they are the root of many complaints from the community.

One of the top complaints has been the lack of visual aid to see which kind of armor an enemy has. Body Shields come in four different rarities: common, rare, epic, and legendary. Each has a distinct color to match the rarity.

However, if you pick up any armor, an enemy cannot see which rarity of armor you have on unless they shoot you. This makes it difficult to gauge if you should attack an enemy or not. If they have epic armor, it might be best to hold back.

Well, a change looks to be coming for this mechanic. According to @That1MiningGuy, some kind of visual aid will be arriving to help players see what type of armor each player has.

If true, this will help out tremendously, both in casual and competitive. However, it could also slow the game down by a tiny bit due to players not shooting as recklessly as before. But even so, this would be a terrific change by Respawn.

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