Apex Legends World's Edge map comparison for Season 3 and 4
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Earlier today, we received our first look at the gameplay elements coming to Apex Legends Season 4. The new gameplay was shown off in a trailer, which has fans even more excited for the season’s release tomorrow. However, the trailer wasn’t one we’re used to seeing.

The beginning acted as an advertisement for Hammond Robotics, the company that created Revenant’s current form. In the ad, Hammond boasts they’ve installed a Planet Harvester in the World’s Edge map. While they make it sound cheerful, we can see throughout the trailer that the Harvester is causing destruction on the map.

How does World’s Edge differ in Apex Legends Season 4?

If you’ve played any Apex Legends in Season 3, then you know the World’s Edge map is quite colorful. From the vibrant blue ice on the buildings to the lush green grass, it’s a pretty enjoyable environment.

However, if we compare that to Season 4, there’s an immediate difference. Hammond Robotics looks to have altered the beginning of the gameplay trailer to show the map hasn’t changed with the Harvester in place. In the second half of the trailer, however, we can see the damage it’s really done.

One Reddit user by the name of Kill_Me_Now_World went so far as to do a side-by-side comparison of the Season 3 and 4 maps.

Short 19 second gif of S4 map changes coming tomorrow from official website. See you on the battle field legend! from apexlegends

As we can see from the images, gray and red have replaced the vibrant colors on the World’s Edge map. The Harvester is draining the map of all its resources, creating huge rifts filled with lava. If it wasn’t obvious before, this should be the last time we see World’s Edge in an Apex Legends season.

The supposed storyline for Season 4 is Revenant hunting down the heads of Hammond Robotics. We saw a preview of this in the cinematic trailer last week. So, maybe Revenant will turn out to be a hero after all if he’s stopping Hammond for good.

Are you going to play Season 4? Let us know, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Apex Legends news.

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