Apex Legends wins Online Game of the Year at the DICE Awards
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Apex Legends, the hit battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment, scooped the Online Game of the Year Award at the 23rd annual DICE awards show in Las Vegas. The game beat out some serious contenders including the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Tetris99, Wargroove, and Destiny 2.

A legend is born

Apex Legends was released with no preceding marketing at all on Feb. 4, 2019, and has since gained a massive following worldwide. After the release of Titanfall 2, the Respawn team decided to play around with certain gameplay elements and weapons to create a sequel. However, they ended up creating a battle royale game instead. We wouldn’t learn until much later that the lack of marketing came from Respawn’s fears of negative publicity from Titanfall fans that might not like the game. As this award shows, those worries were perhaps overblown.

What makes Apex Legends unique compared to many other battle royale games on the market is the diverse range of characters, each of which comes with their own unique abilities. The team-based aspect of Apex means that characters use their abilities to work together, thereby influencing the games in different ways. Another great feature is the “ping system,” which allows players to use non-verbal communication to mark loot and directions.

Over the last year, Apex Legends has grown to over 70 million users and now even has its own esports events. The game is currently in Season 4, and it has kept players enthralled by implementing constant changes to the gameplay, maps, and characters. There are also many special events, with the latest being the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous, which will run until Feb. 19. With all the work put into the game and the fun players have gained from it, Apex Legends surely deserves to be named the DICE Awards’ Online Game of the Year.

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