Apex Legends video shows that Octane's hitbox is completely broken
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One of the more controversial aspects of Apex Legends is the damage each individual legend takes. When the game was released, the characters were not balanced whatsoever when it came to this mechanic. Someone like Gibraltar would take the same amount of damage as Wraith even though the former is much larger in size. Respawn quickly corrected this though, tweaking each legend’s hitbox and damage intake. While the problem was thought to be solved, it appears that more issues have arisen from this feature in Season 4.

Hitboxes aren’t working properly in Apex Legends

A hitbox, if you’re unfamiliar, is the physical area where each character can be hit and receive damage. Each character has a different hitbox depending on their size, which makes sense.

However, there are some inconsistencies with this system, as we’ve recently found out. A popular Apex Legends YouTuber by the name of TheGamingMerchant published a video a couple of days ago explaining the hitboxes. He decided to figure out exactly where each character’s hitbox. The results are quite surprising.

I carefully tested and compared every Legend hitbox, and ranked them based on status + animations on my latest video from apexlegends

What you’re looking at is TheGamingMerchant’s analysis of the hitboxes in Apex Legends. The area in blue is where the legends can be hit. While most of this looks on par with what we experience in-game, there’s one legend that stands out.

That outlier would be Octane, as his hitbox is much larger than it’s supposed to be. The blue area extends up over his head and arms, which is not right by any means. Essentially, if someone misses their shot on you while you’re playing as Octane, they can still deal damage.

Of course, this is just one YouTuber’s analysis, so we can’t take it as fact. If TheGamingMerchant is right though, Respawn really needs to take a look at this before Season 4 ends.

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