Apex Legends The Old Ways Lore Event brings Duos, Kings Canyon permanently
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Apex Legends had quite the afternoon, as the game is planning to introduce a slew of content. Starting off with an origin video for Bloodhound, we got to see Respawn’s true capabilities as storytellers. The video is extremely well done and gives the community some interesting insights into Bloodhound’s history. However, the real exciting news began shortly after that video went live. Respawn announced that a new event, Old Ways Lore, is releasing on April 7. This event includes the new Bloodhound Town Takeover and the Prowlers we’ve been seeing recently. Most notably of all, permanent Duos playlist and Kings Canyon options are coming.

Details on the Old Ways Lore Event in Apex Legends

If you haven’t yet watched the origin video for Bloodhound, it’s well worth the 10 minutes. There’s a ton of detail and amazing artwork in the production, as well as interesting tidbits regarding Bloodhound.

However, most are reasonably more excited about the new Apex Legends event on April 7. The Old Ways Lore Event will introduce Bloodhound’s Trials, the new Town Takeover, and multiple ways to unlock new skins. Not only are there going to be purchasable skins every few days, but there will also be a prize track where you unlock cosmetics for free.

The Old Ways Lore Event Apex Legends
Image via EA
Respawn Apex Legends Old Ways Lore Event rewards brings permanent Duos, Kings Canyon, Bloodhound Town Takeover Bloodhound's Trials
Image via EA

There will also be some returning skins coming to the Item Shop, which you can see on EA’s website. In addition to the skins and new event, starting on April 7, Duos and Kings Canyon will be entering the game permanently.

This is huge news and something the community has been asking for since Season 3. Both Duos and Kings Canyon should help keep Apex Legends fresh for the month or so until Season 5. Fans of the battle royale have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

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