Apex Legends System Override event contains Hammond Easter egg
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Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment announced the new System Override collection event in Apex Legends. This limited-time event is set to debut several new gameplay mechanics as well as many exclusive cosmetic items. It’s set to begin on March 3 and run about two weeks until March 17-18. Although, the effects of the event may last much longer than its run date. In the trailer for the event, there appears to be an Easter egg concerning Hammond Robotics, the main antagonist for Season 4. What does the message mean, and how will it affect the rest of the season?

Hammond to play a bigger role in Apex Legends?

Although the various trailers for Apex Legends may paint Hammond Robotics as the “nice guys,” the company couldn’t be further from that. They’re responsible for the Planet Harvester currently ravaging World’s Edge and also creating Revenant’s robotic form.

It’s obvious that the robotics company is the main antagonist for Season 4 and possibly even beyond that. We’re unsure of what will happen at the end of Season 4, but it seems inevitable World’s Edge will no longer exist thanks to Hammond.

We haven’t seen or heard much about Hammond since Season 4 released. However, it appears an Easter egg within the System Override trailer is bringing them back into the fold. Reddit user FrozenFroh shows us why.

Dont believe Hammond | Event secret message from apexlegends

It’s unclear who wrote the blurb you see above, but their message is clear. Presumably, Respawn is trying to tell the community that the war between the legends and Hammond Robotics is not over in Apex Legends. We’re just unsure of how this will affect the season past the System Override event.

A few Reddit commenters guessed that the Harvester will play an even bigger role, perhaps with a Town Takeover. As of right now though, nothing is for certain and we’ll just have to wait for more clues.

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