Apex Legends supposedly releasing exclusive charms for Steam users
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Last month at EA Play, it was confirmed that Apex Legends would arrive on Steam sometime this fall. While EA didn’t give an exact date, it’s presumed that sometime in October is the most likely release date. Of course, this is big news in and of itself, but apparently there are some rewards coming for users who download the battle royale on Steam. According to a leak, there will be exclusive weapon charms available for Steam-specific Apex Legends players. We even got a brief look at the charms on EA’s website before the image was deleted.

Steam weapon charms coming in Apex Legends

Earlier today, the charms were visible on EA’s website. However, the page was quickly deleted, as it seems the community wasn’t supposed to see the charms yet. Although, the webpage still reads “steam-gun-charms,” so this news is all but confirmed.

Before the page was taken down, however, players were able to see the three weapon charms that are arriving in this promotion. As expected, all three have something to do with Valve, the company behind Steam, in some way or another. Below you can see all three supposed charms coming to Apex Legends sometime this fall.

Apex Legends Steam weapon charms
Image via EA

Starting with the left charm, this appears to be an homage to Valve’s popular game series Portal. In fact, this charm is named “Valve Potato” in the game files. We can also see the famous cube from Portal with the far-right charm. In the middle, this looks to be the infamous headcrab from Valve’s Half-Life series.

Along with the charms, the now-deleted webpage had a description for the charms, which read: “These will all be free limited-time login rewards for our Apex Legends Steam players, so add it to your wishlist and follow us on Steam today. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer to launch this fall.”

As noted in the description, EA still isn’t firm on a release date for Apex Legends on Steam. So, we’ll have to wait a little longer for those details.

We’ll keep you updated here at Daily Esports with any developments to this story.

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