Apex Legends secretly preparing to introduce Crypto, suggests new data-mine
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Respawn pushed through a quick Apex Legends patch yesterday, which addressed some connection and latency issues with the game. Apparently that’s not all it did, however, as data-miners immediately uncovered some suspicious new additions to the game’s files.

New signs

Readers might recall the recent community theory we reported on, which predicts future legend Crypto arriving to Apex soon. Yesterday’s patch secretly added a few new lines of code which corroborate the theory further.

The discovery was made by community theorists That1MiningGuy and FrozenFroh. It once again hints at Crypto’s involvement with Season 2’s opening event. It seems the hacker legend – or at least some of his equipment – may show up soon.

Apex Legends Crypto leak
Image courtesy of FrozenFroh.

The discovery points at a new asset – Crypto’s laptop – spawning in a specific spot in Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon. The theory predicts that Crypto will sabotage the Repulsor, unleashing the Leaviathans and flyers onto the island. As some smaller flyers have already gotten through, it seems that certain aspects of this theory are already in motion.

Old clues

The approximate placement of Crypto’s laptop puts it near a large boulder. The Apex Legends community has been suspicious of that particular rock for at least a month, when players found out they can ping it. Pings are reserved strictly for objects which are relevant or can be interacted with, so this was certainly note-worthy.

Pathfinder art Apex Legends Respawn Battle Royale
Respawn’s official Apex Legends release art featured a hidden Crypto in the background.

It’s more than likely that Respawn has scattered more hints like these around Kings Canyon. After all, they have at least eight more legends planned after Wattson and Crypto. They laid out the clues for the arrival of Octane, Wattson, and Crypto the day Apex Legends came out. It’s no surprise that the game has fostered such an active and dedicated community of theorists.

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