Apex Legends Season 4 theory lays out how Revenant, Forge will arrive
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After yesterday’s surprise twist regarding Season 4, Apex Legends fans have no idea what to think. Respawn seemingly killed off their newest legend, Forge, on the fictional Outlands Television show. Revenant showed up out of nowhere and stabbed Forge through the chest, putting an end to the interview that was occurring. We haven’t seen any additional information except for an obituary for Forge. So, at the moment, no one knows what Legend will arrive with Season 4. Although, there is a working theory of what could be going on.

Forge returning to Apex Legends soon?

By all accounts, it looks like Forge is dead. He was stabbed in the chest by Revenant, and Outlands Television released a statement confirming the death. However, fans in the community don’t buy this for one second. Respawn put too much work into the character to simply kill him off before Season 4 begins.

Yesterday, fans astutely pointed out that the Forge in the TV interview looked different than the one in promotional shots. To start, the TV Forge had a scar on his left eye, which is absent in promotional images for Forge. Furthermore, their eye color doesn’t seem to match up.

Apex Legends Season 4 Forge

Looking at the above comparison, it’s easy to see why fans suspect the Forge on TV was a body double of some kind, leading fans to believe that Revenant didn’t actually kill Forge. What does this mean for Season 4? Well, one fan came up with an idea that certainly seems plausible. Credit to Reddit user dogswithhands for the amusing image.

The theory is far-fetched, but not out of the realm of possibility. At this point, it seems likely that Revenant will start Season 4 as the only Legend released. However, it’s also likely that Forge will appear sometime throughout the season. The Ranked Series second split in late March seems like as good a time as any.

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