Apex Legends reveals abilities for Fuse in Season 8
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Respawn Entertainment has released the full abilities list for the new Apex Legend Fuse earlier this afternoon. Season eight, dubbed Mayhem, is set to be the most chaotic installment in the battle royale’s history and Fuse is set to help deliver on that promise.

Walter Fitzroy, otherwise known as Fuse, was announced as the Season eight legend last week. It’s been quite some time since Respawn introduced a new male legend and Fitzroy certainly fits the bill. He’s highly explosive and features abilities that can turn a gunfight into a firework show in an instant.

The full list of his abilities can be found below.

Fuse’s abilities in Apex Legends Season 8

Both his Tactical and Ultimate were teased throughout this week’s content reveal but now we know the exact descriptions for all three of his abilities.

Passive Ability – Grenadier

  • Throw ordinance farther, faster and more accurately.
  • Stack one more grenade per inventory slot than other legends.
apex legends season 8 fuse abilities
The mechanical arm that Fuse uses to launch grenades farther and faster. Screengrab via EA

Tactical Ability – Knuckle Cluster 

  • A cluster bomb that splinters out mini-concussion mines.

Ultimate Ability – The Motherlode, “Wally”

  • Launch ordinance that surrounds the target in a ring of flames.
apex legends season 8 fuse abilities
The Ultimate grenade launcher known as Wally. Screengrab via EA

Fuse’s abilities sound like a great change of pace for Apex Legends. Fans have wanted the ability to throw grenades farther for some time and both his Tactical and Ultimate sound fairly useful for most situations.

It’s unclear if the explosive legend will make it into the battle royale’s meta but players will certainly give him a shot. Apex Legends Season eight launches on Feb. 2 for all players. The official patch notes for the update will release before then.

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