Apex Legends releases a holiday gift guide
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Apex Legends plans to celebrate the end of year holiday by crafting a gift guide for their players on Monday. In their guide there is a little for everyone, from Apex-themed hats to figures. Apex Legends has just released their Raiders Collection event a few days earlier.

Apex Legends releases a gift guide

The first section plays towards the physical collectors. Apex has a series of figures from Jakks that features several Apex characters. The latest series of figures features Caustic, Octane with the Hit and Run rare skin and Pathfinder with the Team Lift rare skin. Apex Legends has also collaborated with Good Smile Company to create the Wraith Nendoroid, a series of bobblehead figures that features a few customization options. Finally, some Nessie plushies that come in light green and pink are also included.

For players that are interested in Apex Legends lore, Pathfinder’s Quest and the Art of Apex Legends are the perfect gifts. The Pathfinder’s Quest book focuses on Pathfinder exploring the Outlands and interviewing several Legends in an attempt to find his original creator. The book aims to shape the world of Apex by introducing more about each character. For the art nerds, The Art of Apex Legends allows a behind-the-scenes look at how the Legends were built from an artistic perspective. The book also features art related to the world of Outland and the environments.

For those that enjoy simple merchandise, there is a slew of Apex Legends branded merch found on the Play Apex shop. Most items are on sale right now, and the collection features hoodies, tees, beanies and hats. However, the Play Apex shop is not the only place to get Apex Legends merchandise. They have partnered with brands like Graph and Level Up Wear in order to produce streetwear-based designs. Finally, the gift guide also features the PowerA Switch controller with an Apex skin.

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