Apex Legends Ranked Play has another dashboarding problem
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The second split of Ranked Series 3 in Apex Legends has brought good and bad tidings to the game. On the good side of things, Kings Canyon is back in action and players have something to new to grind for after the soft rank reset. Of course, with the good comes the bad, and an old problem is popping back up in Season 4 Ranked Play. Dashboarding, as it’s commonly referred to, has made a reappearance after Respawn cracked down on the exploit last season.

Dashboarding returns to Apex Legends

If you’ve never heard of the term “dashboarding” before, it’s simply an exploit within Apex Legends that allows players to leave a Ranked match early. Usually, you receive a penalty if you leave a Ranked game early, but dashboarding allows you to avoid that punishment.

The exploit is fairly easy to do, as you just have to maneuver the Apex Legends menu before you’re officially eliminated. The Reddit user who found this glitch has a video to explain it further.

GAME BREAKING BUG: Dashboarding in ranked is back, it no longer gives an abandon penalty when using the "return to main menu option." from apexlegends

Dashboarding was a huge problem in Season 3 of Apex Legends Ranked Play. The exploit was much easier to do, which led to more players taking advantage of it. However, Respawn punished the players who used the exploit at the start of Season 4.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to have stopped others in the community from finding another way. Now, more and more Ranked players are leaving Apex Legends matches as soon as they are downed. Obviously, this leads to frustrations from the other members of the team.

There’s no doubt that Respawn is aware of the current problem. The developers scour social media for known glitches and also have tons of data at their disposal. So, in theory, this issue is already being worked on by the developers. Hopefully, they can solve the problem before it gets any worse.

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