Apex Legends rank distribution revealed: Lots of silver and gold
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North American esports organization Team SoloMid won the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, and Apex Legends Season 3 will start on Oct. 1. With all of the upcoming updates, the developers of Apex Legends have released details on the actual rank distribution of its players. The six ranks consist of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator.

Ranked Series 1 player/rank distribution from apexlegends

Apex Legends ranks

Reddit user Alt_Mayday turned the statistics provided into an easier-to-view graphic. Some of the community were surprised that the majority wasn’t a part of Gold. Others were proud of the fact that their rank only made up a smaller percentage of the overall player base than expected. The distribution breakdown was 5.1 percent at Bronze, 40 percent at Silver, 35.7 percent at Gold, 16.8 percent at Platinum, 2.1 percent at Diamond, and a mere 0.2 percent at Apex Predator. 

The majority of players made up the Silver and Gold ranks. The statistics were only drawn from the group of players that played more than five hours of the Ranked mode. With no demotion possible, the developers felt the numbers were ideal and would not make any changes. With the new season, cosmetic rewards will also be given out to players that reach certain ranks. These include badges, gun charms, and dive trails. 

Season 3

Respawn Entertainment announced that the Apex Legends ranks will have a “soft reset” with the new season, which means a downgrade of rank. An example is players in Gold II would be reset to a Silver IV rank. Instead of the current score system, assists will count toward one’s rank. Changes will also occur to matchmaking to ensure that similarly skilled players are grouped together. In some regions, Platinum players were sometimes queued with Apex Predator players due to a lack of similarly ranked players. 

Matches will also require RP to play, with cost based on your rank. RP is earned from winning matches or placing in the top 19. Bronze matches are free, but Silver will require 12, Gold 24, Platinum 36, Diamond 48, and Apex Predator 60 RP. Penalties will also be re-enabled for players who abandon their teammates. This will involve a match ban for a time limit depending on the ratio of abandoned matches in Apex Legends. It will start at five minutes and go up to one week.

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