Apex Legends players find hilarious jousting bug for Caustic and Gibraltar
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Some bugs are bad enough to delete your save files. Other bugs are bad enough to delete your account. But the most recent Apex Legends bug is hilarious and both players and Respawn developers alike can’t get enogh. This new “jousting” interaction between Caustic and Gibraltar will ensure your opponents have a very toxic time.

The Jib-caustic joust in action! (poor wraith) credit u/ZENBETH for the idea. from r/apexlegends

The poison joust

Reddit user ZENBETH recently posted a newly discovered interaction between Caustic and Gibraltar, perhaps two of the weaker legends in the game’s lineup. As it turns out, Gibraltar’s shield is coded to work like regular terrain, meaning Caustic can place his Nox Gas Trap on Gibraltar’s gun shield.

On top of this, you can stack Caustic’s traps on top of one another. And with this discovery, players were quick to put the interaction to use. Swinging the Nox Trap sword around an enemy makes the gas almost inescapable, particularly in tight corners and buildings.

A bug or a feature?

While this interaction does produce some interesting (and hilarious) results, the combo clearly isn’t intended. The issue with the bug is that Caustic’s traps, once stacked on one another, can be pushed through walls. While this mechanic is nothing but fun for the team doing it, it is unlikely that being able to poke toxic traps into buildings will stay in the game.

Caustic isn’t the only legend that has found new interactions with Gibraltar’s shield, however. Reddit user /u/Trueon posted a video of Octane’s jump pad attaching to Gibraltar’s shield, which continuously launches him into the air when looking down. From the video, it appears that Gibraltar is the only one affected by the jump pad.

This is the buff Gibby Needed from r/apexlegends

Developer responses

Respawn developers had some fun with the interaction on Reddit, although there was no promise of the bug sticking around.

Behold, our latest innovation in live service balancing buffs for Gibraltar and Caustic! Seriously though, it’s pretty incredible the stuff you folks come up with. This is hilarious and very creative!

Jay Frechette, Respawn Community Manager

Another developer, responding to a different video on the /r/ApexLegends Subreddit, responded in the same way many others did to the bug.


Reddit user 2BuiArt, Respawn Dev

As said, it is impressive how much content the Apex Legends community can find despite so few additions to the game since its release. And who knows, the rumored upcoming legend Wattson might bring her own new interaction with Gibraltar’s shield on release.

Do you think Respawn should remove this bug, or leave it as a feature in the game? For more news on this bug and everything else on Apex Legends, be sure to keep an eye on our page!