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[Update: This report has been classified as outdated. We now have reason to believe the leaks are legitimate, as a source has confirmed to Daily Esports. We were provided with an original copy of the character asset file, which you can view here.]

The previously reported Octane leak has been circulating for just a day now and has already captivated the Apex Legends community. The High Speed Daredevil’s alleged skill set sounds like a competitive player’s dream. Passive regeneration, a speed buff on demand, and a seriously fun repositioning skill the entire team can use? Yes, please!

Unfortunately, the Octane leak might be bogus — and for several reasons.

Firstly, although the name was data-mined straight from the game’s files, there is nothing tangible to prove the rest of the leak. Its sole source is a private Instagram account, which doesn’t currently feature the picture. We have reached out to them but are yet to receive a response. Revealing a bit of high-value information like this for free and then immediately going dark is always suspicious.

Furthermore, all of the abilities described in the leak appear to be speculation. And they sound a little too strong if you compare them to those of current legends: 10 HP is a very low price to pay for a movement speed bonus that could save you from certain death. It could also be used offensively to secure a kill. Dodging a single enemy shot makes up the price of using it. And the passive regeneration practically makes it free. All in all, it’s a superior version of current fan-favorite Bangalore’s passive ability.

According to the leak, Octane’s Ultimate is essentially a deployable trampoline. This part of the leak is corroborated by a handful of lines in the game’s code containing “JumpPad.” Trampolines are arguably one of the most fun elements of many games and also real life. This one is comparable to Pathfinder’s Zipline Ultimate, but with some major advantages. It seems to offer a lot more combat potential as it is faster and decidedly better for vertical repositioning. It also sounds like it would make a great trap for enemy players, something Pathfinder’s Ultimate doesn’t offer.

One of the most questionable things to consider here is that the leak’s maker actually revealed it a week ago. They posted it on to the Respawn Check-In Reddit thread from Feb. 19. The post received minimal attention and has since been deleted.

The new Apex Legends legend was leaked a week ago but nobody picked up on it - Octane leak

Reddit user ThatBlokeWithTheHat has built a very detailed case against the leak’s credibility. Among the clearest signs of forgery is the Matchmaking icon. An out-of-sync client with access to unreleased content wouldn’t be able to connect to EA servers. There are also visible differences in the legend’s appearance in this leak and the one from a week ago.

Unfortunately, hoaxes go hand in hand with success in the game industry, and Apex has been shockingly successful. It’s no surprise that this Octane leak is likely fabricated.

It’s worth noting that the Octane leak came almost back to back with an openly fake “leak” for the legend Karma. Her Ultimate ability is generating Reddit attention. That’s incidentally also Octane’s specialty.