Apex Legends Octane Edition releases with special skins and exclusives
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Respawn Entertainment has released the Apex Legends Octane Edition. Currently, this is the third special version of a legend. Previously, Bloodhound and Lifeline editions were released that were priced at $19.99, and the Octane Edition will follow suit. The Apex Legends Twitter page announced this new edition with a promotional video showcasing the new features.

Octane Edition contents

In the bundle, players will receive five items. These include the Legendary Arachnoid Rush Octane skin and Charge Rifle skin, as well as the exclusive Violet Widow Gun Charm and exclusive Venomous Badge. Also, players will receive 1,000 Apex Coins to make further in-game purchases. The spider theme along with the white and purple color scheme will make Octane stand out on the battlefield.

Apex Legends Octane Edition is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Origin digitally. Although Apex Legends is a free game, physical packages of the editions are available with unique covers. The Octane Edition should arrive at retailers “soon.”

Octane Edition includes skins, a charm, apex coins, and a badge

Bloodhound and Lifeline editions

Octane is a legend that was first released in Apex Legends Season 1. He is a fan favorite due to his ultimate ability and incredible speed. The spider theme emphasizes his speed and agility. Previous editions have also followed a theme. The Lifeline edition was angel-themed, contrasting with the Bloodhound edition, which is demon-themed. Now, a double pack edition is available for Lifeline and Bloodhound. This has all the contents from the Lifeline and Bloodhound edition packs merged together. In addition, the double pack gives players 2,150 Apex Coins, 150 extra Apex Coins compared to if the editions were to be purchased separately. The double pack is available to purchase for $38.99 (currently $25.99 on Origin).

With Respawn Entertainment releasing these editions, could Octane be made available as a part of a triple pack, or perhaps a double pack with another legend in the future?

Let us know which Apex Legends pack is your favorite! To keep up with further Apex Legends coverage, stay tuned with Daily Esports.