Apex Legends new Twitch Prime offer and Starter Pack leaked
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The Season 4 update for Apex Legends is out in the open, which can only mean one thing: Leaks are incoming. With any big update, dataminers are able to dig into the files of the game and search for any future content. While there were some small leaks for Apex Legends scattered throughout the day, the biggest one gives us a look at some exclusive skins. Both the upcoming Twitch Prime offer and a new Starter Pack were revealed today, so let’s see what Respawn has to offer.

Apex Legends’ newest Twitch Prime offer

Twitch Prime and Apex Legends have been partnered up for almost a year now. The first skin with this promotion was a black and purple Pathfinder skin that didn’t have a whole lot of flare. However, according to leaks, Twitch Prime and Apex Legends are continuing to improve with each skin that releases. @ApexUpdate has an exclusive look at the new skin.

While we can’t confirm the actual skin, we do know a Twitch Prime offer is coming for Revenant. On the Twitch Prime website, it clearly states that Feb. 7 is when players should expect this offer to go live.

Although, that’s not all that’s coming for Revenant, the newest Apex Legend. ApexUpdate also claims that a new Starter Pack, dubbed the “Assimilation Pack,” will feature this skin for the robotic killer.

There are no other details regarding this pack, though more information could be leaked soon.

Finally, the last leak regarding skins we received today was about a new edition in Apex Legends. These editions, or bundles, can be purchased in-game, similar to how Fortnite does it. The latest edition rumored to arrive is named the “Octane Edition,” which features the following items:

We don’t know exactly when this will release or for how much, though these bundles are usually around $20. Although, you receive some Apex Coins in the bundle, so you make some of that money back.

What do you think of the newest leaks? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news.

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