Apex Legends' Monsters Within event returns to make the season scary
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Monsters Within, the Halloween-themed Apex Legends event, kicks off in Emergence on Oct. 12, and will run until Nov. 2. The event will include a new Arenas map, special scary cosmetics and the return of the Shadow Royale limited-time mode.

Say hello to the new Arenas map, Encore

The first of the exciting Halloween content Monsters Within is bringing to Apex Legends is its latest Arenas map, Encore. This map is a location on Seer’s homeworld, Boreas. It was one of the main arenas where people could watch him duel, and fans would gather there to cheer him on.

The Encore Arenas map in Apex Legends' Monsters Within event
Encore’s VIP Lounge | Provided by Respawn

To succeed on Encore, you’ll need to have a strong sense of your surroundings and extremely tight teamwork. The map itself is very open, with a VIP Lounge that offers direct combat on one side and a Performance Stage on the other that will require coordinated support fire from your teammates to control.

Monsters Within Packs and rewards

Monsters Within has its own rewards track within Apex Legends. Players can complete various challenges each week of the event to earn rewards like a new Loba skin, Apex packs and an event pack.

The Apex Legends Monsters Within rewards track
The Monsters Within event rewards track has plenty of offerings | Provided by Respawn

A new kind of pack is also being introduced with this event. Monsters Within Packs are “Event Thematic Packs” that are guaranteed to have a non-duplicate, event-limited item inside. You can purchase them for 400 Apex coins.

These packs are introducing 40 new thematic items to accompany this year’s Halloween event. The items from the Monsters Within Packs will always be available in the standard Apex pack item pool, but the Monsters Within Packs guarantee you a non-duplicate Monsters Within event item.

The Monsters Within event calendar
Get a scary skin for your favorite Legend in the Apex Store |Provided by Respawn

For those who missed out on past Halloween skins, a few like Crypto’s “Deadly Byte” and Wraith’s “Mistress of Evil” will be available on the Apex Store during the event.

Monsters Within brings Shadow Royale back to Apex Legends

Apex Legends' Bloodhound and Seer in the promo graphic for Shadow Royale
Turns out Bloodhound and Seer are what go bump in the night. | Provided by Respawn

During the final week of the Monsters Within event, players will be able to return to Revenant’s version of the Apex Games: Shadow Royale. In this mode, any Legends killed in combat will return as undead shadow versions of themselves to help any still living squadmates. These Shadow-Forms have unlimited lives, and your squad isn’t done in the game until the last living Legend goes down.

Dia de los Muertos sale

Octane is headlining Apex Legends’ Dia de los Muertos celebration from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1. The Latino Legend is getting the Muerte Rápida Bonus Bundle. It includes the Epic “Muerte Rápida” skin, Epic “Altar Ego” banner frame, a matching Rare “Flirting with Death” skin for the Volt and 2 Octane Packs. These packs are guaranteed to include at least one Octane item.

Additionally, three other related bundles are returning for the celebration: the Loba Banshee Bundle, Gibraltar’s Darkside and Bangalore’s Soldado de Muerte. These each include an Epic of Legendary skin for their respective Legend and scary season weapon skins. Players can get all four bundles in one with the Dia de los Muertos bundle, which includes 15 Apex packs.