Apex Legends leaker claims Caustic will receive next Town Takeover
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The next Town Takeover in Apex Legends will star the game’s deadly scientist, Caustic according to dataminers.

Town Takeovers are essentially mini-events that surround one particular legend. Each Takeover also transforms one location on the Apex Legends map and comes with some new lore. Most recently, Pathfinder had his “Fight Night” on Olympus in Season 7.

Caustic to receive the next Apex Legends Town Takeover

With the release of Apex’s Season 8 update, leaks have poured in from data-miners  like Twitter user @Shrugtal. Regarding Caustic’s Town Takeover, the event will seemingly take place in Kings Canyon at the Water Treatment location.

While the Takeover fails to capitalize on Caustic’s infamous reputation in Bunker, Water Treatment does make sense for Caustic. There is plenty of space to disperse his deadly experiments.

If the leaks are accurate, Caustic will join Octane, Wraith, Mirage, Bloodhound and Pathfinder as the sixth legend to have both a Town Takeover and Heirloom weapon. Crypto is the only legend without an Heirloom that has already had a Takeover.

Apex Legend Season 8 Town Takeover
Crypto’s Town Takeover was the last one to take place in Kings Canyon. Image via EA

Caustic’s Takeover will likely take place sometime during the midway point of Season 8, based on past events. The leaks only specify a location and not a date.

For more details about this upcoming Apex Legends Takeover, stay tuned to Daily Esports.

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