Apex Legends leak reveals new details about the Season 2 stats screen
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Among the many things coming to Apex Legends in Season 2 is a comprehensive stats screen. Lead producer Drew McCoy announced the addition on Reddit a few days after the official EA Play 2019 reveal. “My brain broke a little on stage and I forgot to mention that we’re bringing a stats page in for Season 2 as well,” said McCoy.

Thanks for a recent data-mine leak from community theorist That1MiningGuy, we have some new information about the stats screen.

Better performance tracking

The lines of code released in the leak indicate a lot of new functional stats. You can see the full leak below.


Players concerned with their overall career numbers will now have access to their combined totals from all legends. The screen will feature information about the number of revives performed, winning kills made, damage done, and so on.

The Apex Legends stats screen will also show the number of shots fired compared to shots and headshots landed. Hopefully, it will also provide a calculated ratio, although we don’t know yet for sure. Either way, this will be useful for players to track their accuracy and progress. Damage taken is another new stat. It will finally allow Gibraltar players to flex their numbers on the showier legend mains.

Apex Legends - Gibraltar - Wrait - Respawn - battle royale

No witnesses

There are a couple of interesting new stats, the exact meaning of which we can only guess at. One is “wins with no witnesses,” which by the most literal interpretation should be all wins. This seems similar to the No Witnesses badge, which players get by winning a match with a pre-made squad without letting any of downed opponents be picked up or respawned.

Other interesting stats are “max placement streak with premade squad” and “teamwork kill count.” We will have to wait to discover all the other new counters on the Apex Legends stats screen.

We know the Season 2 Battle Pass won’t have the somewhat pointless seasonal stat trackers of the old Battle Pass. It would be interesting to see if Respawn completely recycles the current stat tracker system in favor of this new screen. Some cool new badges could also be added to make up for the change. Death boxes don’t show stat trackers anyway, so they won’t be missed much.