Apex Legends is wooing players with Valentine's Day Rendezvous event
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Respawn has officially revealed the details of the upcoming Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event, celebrating all things romantic in Apex Legends. As reported earlier today, this event is the first for season 4, bringing duos back as a fun partnered theme.

Not only is Respawn bringing back the fan-requested duos mode, but players can also earn a good chunk of rewards during the event. Players can earn double XP, up to a cap of 20k a day, though the announcement is unclear if participating players must be duo queued to get the bonus.

Two items from last year’s Valentine’s Day event are returning to the in-game store. The Through the Heart DMR and the Love of the Game banner will come back for a limited time – at a discount, no less. Players can also purchase two new Pathfinder and Nessie gun charms through the shop: the adorable Love Struck and the Cupid-inspired Lovefinder. Plus, just by logging into Apex Legends, players will earn the Valentine’s 2020 Badge, which is a nice little bonus.

Revenant preps for Valentine’s Day

Respawn also released a new Revenant skin, the Gilded Rose Skin, in honor of this most romantic month. The skin is free for Apex players with a Twitch Prime account and is available until Mar. 19.

Roses are red, Revenant’s skin is too, and he’ll never, ever stop hunting you! Everybody’s favorite sinister simulacrum is ditching the skins of his enemies for this flowery alternative. Revenant may be literally heartless, but you can still fall in love with his blood-red bouquet display! Dress to impale and get up close and personal with the other Legends this February. You’ll truly take their breath away — forever!

Apex Legends Revenant

If players want to team up and take down other partners on the battlefield, there’s no better way to do it than with this skin.

Valentine’s Day Rendezvous is slated to begin tomorrow, Feb. 11, and last until Feb. 18. That should be plenty of time to find that special someone to queue. For all your Apex Legends news, make sure to follow Daily Esports. If you’re looking for that special someone to partner up with for the event, drop a comment below. Who knows? Maybe love will bloom for you in World’s End.

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