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UPDATE: After a couple of hours of down time, Apex Legends appears to be back online. However, we caution players to be wary of continued connection issues as the data centers slowly all come back online. In other words, don’t expect flawless connections or seamless games.

The other online services affected by the crash are slowly coming back online as well, but they’re only at half speed. Everything should be back to full power in the next few hours.

Since most people are dragging on their first day back to reality after the holidays, perhaps it makes sense that technology is also dragging itself along. I think we’d all like to still be in holiday brain mode. I know I certainly would be, and still kind of am.

ORIGINAL STORY: It’s the start of the new year, and what better way to kick off the first work week of the year than with a major data center outage? If you work remotely, you probably already know that Slack, a very popular project management and chat system, is down. But Slack isn’t the only online service affected. Apex Legends is also down.

A major data center crash has taken down numerous high profile online services, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google, Amazon Web Services, and several VOIP (voice-over-IP) services. While one may think that this is a sign that we’re supposed to say on holiday vacation, unfortunately, the crash took down a way to avoid work.

While there are reports that Apex Legends is back up and running in Europe, US servers are still reporting login and server connection issues. But the crash didn’t just take down Apex Legends from EA’s library, either. Other reports are coming down that Madden NFLUFC, and FIFA are experiencing login issues as well.

2021 had a chance to be different. Perhaps this is some bleed over from 2020?