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Respawn Entertainment may have created the next hit battle royale game in Apex Legends. The newest project by the creators of Titanfall has reached ten million players in 72 hours. Also, they have broken the previous record set by the super-popular battle royale, Fortnite.

Three days earlier, the game would actually break one million unique players in under eight hours. It was a surprising turnout for a brand-new, free-to-play video game that didn’t have much marketing leading up to its release. The only hints that we would get about the release would be through leaks a few days before. Therefore, imagine how stunning this success must have been for the rest of the industry. In comparison, Fortnite took almost two weeks to hit ten million players. However, let’s not call Apex Legends a Fortnite killer just yet. At this moment, Fortnite has about 200 million players with 10 million unique. Even still, how did Respawn Entertainment manage to hit these amazing numbers in such a short amount of time?

Streamer Influence

From its release, a number of popular streamers would begin playing the game instead of their classic titles. Names like Ninja, Shroud, DrDisrespect and TimTheTatman would all hop on the class-based battle royale on release. Each of these streamers usually bring in anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 viewers per day. That alone could boost the player base, but then each streamer would give the game a raving review as well. It seems like they are all genuinely enjoying their time playing the game.

Respawn CEO Vince Zampella would voice his happiness and excitement for Apex Legends‘ success in a blog post, saying:

This has been a truly incredible journey. We tested and tweaked. We argued and agreed. We got to a point where we felt some magic. We knew it would be risky to take the franchise in this direction, to go free to play, and do a surprise launch. But we fell in love with Apex Legends and wanted, needed, other people to play it too. We hoped you’d love it as much as us, but never in our wildest dreams could we have expected the outpouring of support and positivity we’ve seen. From all of us at Respawn, thank you for giving us and Apex Legends a chance. Thank you for joining us on this journey. This is just the beginning! We have so much more in store for you this year.

Replayability and Uniqueness

Along with the exposure acquired off of Twitch.tv and YouTube, the replayability of the game has helped the game along as well. It has taken several proven fundamentals from different battle royale games and has created a fun, fast-paced shooter that almost anyone can enjoy. The mechanics and class powers are not incredibly unique, but are different enough to make every encounter and round different.

Finally, Respawn has added the finest little details that have pushed this game over the top, such as one of the most specific pinging systems in any battle royale to date. You may not even need to have a mic in order to enjoy this video game. The gunplay is not perfect but is oh-so satisfying, while the powers give a certain level of outplay potential. Each class is relatively easy to learn but hard to master and the movement is very smooth. The game may be lacking in the cosmetics department, but that can be improved over time. It is good to see that they have gotten the core mechanics down first, which is much more important than some skins.

What are your thoughts on Apex Legends and their impressive opening week? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more gaming news, check us out here!