Apex Legends hinting at future legend Loba coming in Season 4?
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Season 4 of Apex Legends has already heated up just a week or so into its life cycle. There’s been a new event, the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous, and some high-profile leaks surrounding the future of the season. One such leak is the new Octane Edition of Apex Legends, which we covered earlier in the week. Today, we’re talking about another leak which concerns the future legend Loba.

Strange noises around Apex Legends’ map

Back when Season 4 was just being announced, we saw hints at Loba with the cinematic trailer. Revenant went after the head of Hammond Robotics, which involved a father and his daughter. The father ended up sacrificing himself to save his daughter from Revenant, which most assume to be Loba, a leaked legend.

Loba is associated with wolves, as you can see in the image above. Well, currently in Apex Legends, there have been some wolves howling at random points in every match. You can hear the howling in the clip below, courtesy of Apex_Intel on Twitter.

The noises are subtle, but they are definitely present. What this means is unclear, but it certainly could suggest that Respawn is hinting at the future addition of Loba. According to the PC files, Loba is a tracker who takes the power of a wolf to hunt down her enemies.

So, while nothing is official, it would be a huge coincidence if these two aspects aren’t related. Loba has been in the PC files for quite some time so it would make sense for her to arrive in Apex Legends soon. That said, Respawn has never released two legends in the same season before. So, if history does repeat, we may have to wait until Season 5 to see Loba.

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