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In a recent news update, the Apex Legends developers implemented a new weapon. This gun is called the Havoc Energy Rifle, and it is unlike any other weapon in the game. Here are the details.

Apex Legends Havoc Energy Rifle

  • The Havoc is an Energy weapon like the Longbow and the Devotion
  • Its default fire mode is automatic, but there is a charged delay between hitting fire and the stream of bullets starting
  • It can be upgraded with either the Turbocharger or the Selectfire Receiver (but not both!)
    • The Turbocharger eliminates the charge time on the Havoc’s default fire mode so that it functions as a normal assault rifle
    • The Selectfire Receiver  allows the Havoc to charge, and then fire a super-powered beam of energy at its target that consumes 5 rounds of ammo

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Senior Designer’s words on the newest weapon

In a Reddit post addressed to the community, Senior Designer Sean Slayback went into detail regarding the new Apex Legends weapon.

In this post about the Havoc, Slayback informs everyone that the new gun is a Hitscan weapon when the Selectfire Receiver is equipped. What this means is that there is no travel time for the Havoc’s beam, so it will hit any target that your sights are aimed at whenever the beam is released. To compensate for this nearly guaranteed damage, the Selectfire Receiver-equipped Havoc is subject to damage fall-off which means it will deal less damage at longer range. This is to prevent long-range guaranteed sniper kills.

Slayback also reveals that this weapon was designed to pay homage to this scene in the movie Elysium.

The Havoc in action

The above video comes from the first post on the EA website by the game developers showing off the newest weapon in Apex Legends. The new update is currently live in Apex Legends with a host of detailed skins available for the Havoc.