Apex Legends glitch makes Revenant seem invisible in gold armor
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An Apex Legends player has encountered a glitch with the legend Revenant, the newest legend to be added to the game. This glitch shows the character appearing to be invisible when gold armor is equipped. A clip was uploaded to the Apex Legends Reddit page showing the glitch in action.

Invisible Revenant

The clip shows the Crypto, Wattson, and Revenant legends playing together in a squad. The Wattson can be seen in a gunfight, where they eliminate an enemy player and the squad wipes out an enemy team. After this, the squad proceeds to take the enemy loot. This is when the Revenant equips the gold armor and turns invisible, leaving the Revenant’s weapon being the only aspect of the character that can be seen.

Revenant’s New Passive is he Turns Invisible When Gold Armor is Equipped! from apexlegends

This issue can cause numerous problems to other players who may encounter the invisible Revenant. This is because the legend will be significantly harder to kill when invisible, potentially giving them an advantage

Also, Revenant is not the only legend to experience an invisibility glitch. Recently, an invisibility glitch involving Bangalore was identified. Respawn Entertainment responded to this glitch by removing the default legendary Apex Overdrive and Killer B color swap alternate customizations. Currently, it is not known if the invisibility glitch involving the Revenant was just a one-off occurrence. Perhaps the glitch could develop into a more regular issue. Also, this is not the first glitch involving Revenant since its release. In fact, early on in Season 4, players reported issues with his hitbox and a Death Totem bug that teleported players.

Let us know if you have encountered any invisibility glitches! To keep up with further Apex Legends coverage, stay tuned with Daily Esports.