Apex Legends Fight or Fright Collection event launches October 15
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Halloween arrives early in Kings Canyon, apparently. Respawn just officially announced the much-leaked Apex Legends Fight or Fright Halloween event. The event begins on Oct. 15 and will run for the full month, ending on Nov. 5.

Challenges and cosmetics

Players stand to score some spooky event-limited skins if they finish challenges during the event. They will also be able to purchase the skins with in-game currency, which is now EA’s policy with Apex Legends Collection events. As we knew from the leaks, the crown jewel of the event’s cosmetics is an Heirloom set for Lifeline.

Below is the full list of challenges and corresponding rewards.

Apex Legends fight or fright event challenges


Aside from the obligatory eye candy, the Apex Legends Fight or Fright event will serve up a limited time game mode. The mode called Shadowfall is by far the most unique queue Apex players have had the chance to jump into so far. The announcement post describes Shadowfall as “a warped version of the Apex games hosted by a mysterious figure.” The mode takes place in Kings Canyon at night, and it blends solo and co-op gameplay elements.

At the start of each Shadowfall match, 35 solo players drop into the arena. When killed, players join the Shadow Squad: They team up with other eliminated players in an attempt to finish off all survivors. Shadow Squad players cannot use guns or legends abilities, but they can move faster, climb higher, and use a powerful melee attack. Incidentally, we know from some of the leaks that matches will be overseen by Revenant — a rumored upcoming legend. Their skill set involves improved movement and climbing, which makes us wonder if Shadow Squad legends won’t be a test run for Revenant’s release.

Apex Legends fight or fright collection event caustic cosmetic
Creepy wins over campy in this Pennywise-looking Caustic skin.

Players who win games or finish in the top 5 between Oct. 25 and 28 will also score double the XP towards their regular and Battle Pass progression. The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Collection event sounds like a great event for all.

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