Apex Legends fan comes up with idea for explosive Octane buff
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While the developers at Respawn have already buffed Octane in Season 8, one creative Apex Legends fan has thought up another way to make the speedy legend even more explosive in-game.

The players have noticed Octane is now more viable in matches now that  his jump pad was given some extra power depending on how a player was positioned when they hit it. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy a community fairly wellknown for its concepts regarding in-game content. That’s why Reddit user “Toad_R,” shared a novel way to buff Octane on the official Apex Legends subreddit.

An inventive idea for a buff to Octane in Apex Legends

Octane buff idea – Rig your jumppad to blow up! from apexlegends

Essentially, the idea is to let players blow up Octane’s jump pad when an enemy tries to use it. Toad_R explains that the player would need a grenade in their inventory that they could attach to the jump pad whenever the ultimate ability is ready.

The player would lose the grenade if they chose to rig the jump pad, but the pad would explode if an enemy touched it. The Reddit post even included some backstory to the idea, referencing the fact  that Octane blew up his own legs according to Apex’s lore.

Apex Legends idea for a buff to octane
Octane is becoming a more viable legend in Season 8. Image via EA

Many members of the Apex Legends community enjoyed the idea, giving the post more than 6,000 upvotes. However, some fans did add offer concerns about  not making the buff too overpowered. One user, for example, stressed that it would be important for players to see whether a pad was rigged with a grenade or not, in some small way.

Since Respawn Entertainment just buffed Octane for Season 8, this idea might be even more unlikely to become a reality, assuming any developers saw and liked it. Although, if the developers ever need inspiration, Toad_R’s idea is certainly an option.

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