Apex Legends: Escape gameplay trailer — Storm Point and more
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The gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 11, which is named “Escape,” has officially been released by EA. This is perhaps the most ambitious season of the battle royale yet, as Respawn Entertainment is seemingly pulling out all of the stops. There’s a new legend, map, weapon and several other pieces of content arriving with Apex Legends: Escape. The season releases on Nov. 2 for all major systems but, for now, players can dissect the gameplay trailer.

Apex Legends: Escape gameplay trailer

The big-ticket item for Escape is the brand new map, which players now know is named “Storm Point.” As previously leaked, the map takes on a tropical theme and introduces a slew of new content. The trailer showcases a new movement system named “Zero-G,” which looks to be a jetstream of sorts. Players take the air-stream from one point to another and can shoot enemies while riding it.

Also shown off in the trailer is some wildlife. There looks to be a few forms of wildlife on Storm Point, with the first being Flyers. These will likely still drop ammo and other items for players if they shoot it down. The next creatures on the map are Prowlers, which have been in Apex Legends before. The Prowlers seem like they can attack players, if the trailer is any indication. The last creature is Carthage Spiders, which are specific to the planet Gaea. The Spiders are seen chasing Lifeline in the trailer but their function on Storm Point is unknown at this point.

Moving onto the playable pieces of content in Escape, there’s a new legend and weapon arriving on Nov. 2. The legend is Ash, who was previously confirmed. She’s taking the Apex Legends to the new planet and map and will play a major role in the story moving forward. The weapon is the C.A.R. SMG, which is a famed weapon in the Titanfall series. The C.A.R. is a fast-firing SMG that’s perfect for close-range encounters and should play a similar role to the R-99.

The last bit of content in the trailer is the new Battle Pass. Some of its cosmetics were showcased but players will have to wait until Nov. 2 to see exactly what it and the rest of Apex Legends: Escape has to offer. The patch notes for the season will release “later this week,” according to the Apex Legends Twitter accounts

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