Early Apex Legends concepts reveal 24-squad format, Leagues, and more
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The Apex Legends art department recently released a massive collection of art from the game’s two-year development process. Among the beautiful landscapes and 3D models are also many early concept designs. It seems Respawn had some very different ideas for Apex during its earlier stages.

The game’s UI appears to have undergone massive changes. Many of the scrapped iterations are reminiscent of Titanfall 2.

Some of the early HUD and UI designs are clearly inspired from Titanfall 2 and other FPS games.

A lot of fundamental things about Apex Legends apparently changed during development. At one point the initial drop carried at least 24 squads into Kings Canyon – or Canyonlands, as Respawn originally called it. Some weapons – like the G7 Scout – had different ammo types and fire modes. Early concepts also show a “Leagues” menu on the home screen. That might be a feature Respawn is saving for the future.

Early game screens show Apex Legends used to allow for at least 24 squads per match.

Stabby Stab Stab?

The flavor text in the finished game seems to have had quite the evolution too. The game’s finishers – which were called “Executions” back then – clearly received a lot of work since their inception. Frankly, Respawn’s earlier names were not very subtle. Gibraltar’s Force of Gravity used to be simply “Diving Elbow Drop.” Bloodhound’s finishers had some great and highly imaginative names, like “Stabby Stab Stab” and “Wolf Mang Fist.” And he had four of them! We might never know what the fourth one was and why Respawn cut it out.

Apparently Bloodhound had access to four different finishers.

The game’s cosmetics system seems to have gone through quite a few stages. At its earliest, it involved something called “crafting cubes.” One early concept piece shows what are now Apex Packs used to be “Ticks.” Then they temporarily became “Loot Boxes.”

It’s clear that Respawn made an effort to tone down their early monetization tactics. One version of Apex Legends had the option to buy Apex Coins offered right on the home screen. It is now tucked away – somewhat self-consciously – under the last drop-menu of the last drop-menu.

Early concepts show the Apex Packs underwent at least two name changes.

There is a lot more to be seen, and we recommend you go check it all out! The galleries of senior artist Brad Allen and graphic designer Brandon Pirruccello are a great place to start.

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