Apex Legends devs remove skins causing Bangalore invisibility glitch
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A recent Apex Legends glitch has seen two of Bangalore’s purchasable cosmetics being removed from the game. This has occurred as a result of multiple players reporting that Bangalore appeared invisible while these cosmetics were equipped. The two skins that can no longer be equipped to Bangalore are the default legendary Apex Overdrive and the Killer B color swap alternate. The announcement was made via the Apex Legends Twitter page. Here, developers have reassured players that there will be a fix in a future patch update.

The glitch

In a clip posted on the Apex Legends Reddit page, the glitch can be seen in action. The player is seen running with Pathfinder’s boxing gloves until they appear to spot a floating weapon. The player begins to shoot at the invisible Bangalore, causing some damage. When the clip is zoomed in, slowed down, and replayed, the disadvantage that the glitch can cause to players becomes more apparent.

Invisible Bangalore! LMAO from apexlegends

This glitch can be extremely frustrating for players. The player in the clip, who appears to be playing on PC, seems to be experiencing difficulties hitting the Bangalore. Aiming at a floating gun was the only solace afforded. The lack of visibility gives other players an obvious disadvantage in a gunfight, while giving the invisible Bangalore the upper hand. In some situations, this glitch may have prevented players from getting a victory.

Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment was quick to respond to the glitch and remove the two offending skins. Apex Legends fans can now continue to play the game without looking out for an invisible Bangalore. Also, this is not the only Bangalore glitch that has been identified since the release of Season 4. Another glitch was discovered where Bangalore appeared to have three arms.

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