Apex Legends developer states buffs are coming for Mirage in Season 7
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It’s around this time every season that Apex Legends fans get excited about the next installment’s content. Whether it’s the new legend, potential weapons or items, or overall nerfs and buffs to gameplay elements, there’s always something to be hyped for. In Season 7, Respawn Entertainment has already confirmed the poster legend, being Horizon, and some additional gameplay tweaks, like with the footstep audio. However, yesterday, a developer spoke on a hot-button issue that should make Mirage mains and fans very happy.

Mirage buffs coming in Apex Legends Season 7

Mirage has been considered possibly the weakest character in Apex Legends since the beginning. While his abilities are certainly interesting and his quips are funny, he just doesn’t stack up to the other legends. With game-changing abilities available on Wraith, Wattson, etc., there’s never been a niche for Mirage to climb through.

However, that could all be changing when Season 7 arrives in two weeks. Respawn Entertainment moved up the release date for the installment so make sure to mark your calendars accordingly. One developer for Respawn recently spoke on Mirage and how some buffs are arriving soon for the cloning legend himself.

apex legends mirage buff season 7
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According to Daniel Klein, a dev at Respawn, Mirage will receive some form of a buff come Season 7. Although, it won’t have his decoys firing blank bullets, which has been highly requested by the community. Klein stated, “decoys firing blank is the nuclear option.”

Instead, we could see a toned-down version of this kind of buff. The developer explained that the buff has “some combat readability issues,” but they’re not as significant as decoys firing blanks. It’s unclear what the buff could be at this point, so it looks like we’ll have to wait until Season 7 arrives.

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