Apex Legends developer responds to blue supply bin rumors for Season 4
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Apex Legends Season 4 begins tomorrow, Feb. 4, for all players and systems. The excitement around the season’s launch is building with every hour in the community thanks to the trailers released by Respawn. Not only does the season feature new content, but a brand new storyline is also being introduced. However, some of this new content may not be coming to Apex Legends Season 4 after all. When blue supply bins were discovered in the trailer, fans assumed they would arrive with the new season. Although, a Respawn developer may have shot down these rumors with one tweet.

Blue supply bins may come with another Apex Legends season

During the Season 4 gameplay trailer, fans noticed something peculiar in the background. A blue supply bin, which was already leaked a while back, can be seen in one of the images of the World’s Edge map.

This discovery sparked widespread excitement, as fans have been waiting for this feature since the early seasons. Supposedly, the blue supply bins are to contain tier-2 loot and above, but they are to be rarer than regular supply bins. Below, you can see the blue supply bin image from the gameplay trailer. Credit to Reddit user kowzzzz for the image.

Looks like the blue supply bin is going to be a thing from apexlegends

There were more blue supply bins scattered throughout the trailer, which only heightened expectations. Although, so much talk about the supply bins got the attention of Respawn developer Jason McCord. The developer quickly shot down any hope that we would see the blue supply bins in Season 4 of Apex Legends.

Supposedly, the differently colored supply bins are prototypes only and accidentally made their way to the trailer. So, while this seems to confirm blue bins are being worked on in some capacity, it’s unlikely we’ll see them in Season 4. Perhaps Season 5 or the later stages of Season 4 will introduce the new supply bins to Apex Legends.

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