The Best of the Apex Legends Community | Week 1: March 10-16
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Apex Legends has not been out very long but the community for the game is already one of the biggest in the world. At the time of this writing, the game’s subreddit, /r/ApexLegends, has just crossed 700,000 subscribers. A non-stop barrage of memes, jokes, art, cosplay, and original content hits the pages every day, and if you blink, you just might miss something. Thankfully, we’ve been keeping an eye on it for you.

This post is the first in a series we hope to make a regular occurrence on Daily Esports. With so much amazing, interesting and hilarious content being produced by the community, we felt it was only right to begin spotlighting the best of the best. We will try to make this a weekly submission and keep all of you well-connected with the latest memes, artwork, cosplays, and everything else.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

#15 – You’ll be back in no time!

We’ve all done it, and it’s been done to all of us. There’s no shame in a little scavenging. And hey, it’s not like they’re using it anymore. Not at this moment, at least.

This hilarious comic was created and shared by reddit user mrmof.

This adorably hilarious comic was one of our favorite art pieces of the week!

#14 – A cute little easter egg

Some in the Apex Community are very diligent when it comes to combing through the game to find things that haven’t been found before. One user took it to another level. While climbing and jumping around the training area, redditor IMA-Blackout found this adorable little easter egg:

For you who didn’t know, there’s a cute little easter egg in the training area from apexlegends

We aren’t sure if it’s supposed to mean anything or if it’s just something a developer threw into the game as a joke. All that matters is that it’s adorable.

This is the second easter egg someone has found in the training area. The first was of a cute little plush dog hidden in the rocks.

#13 – A pro tip for switching weapons

[Update: This trick was patched in the most recent update!]

This incredibly helpful tip comes courtesy of ManishBH73. Apparently, if you quickly hit the crouch button while switching weapons, you can clip the animation and make the switch a lot faster. This ability will come in very handy in tight situations where you need to make that emergency swap.

Pro Tip: You can switch weapons faster if you quickly crouch between the animation from apexlegends

#12 – “You don’t get here by sitting around doing nothing!”

The top cosplay of the week goes to Lisa Mancinerh (@lisa.mancinerh), who does an awesome imitation of Wraith in this photo that she shared to reddit.

This excellent Wraith cosplay was one of our favorite community submissions for Apex Legends this week

#11 – Working Together

Sometimes, you just gotta sit back and avert your gaze. This hilariously sarcastic comic was designed by SoraSabi, who produces wonderful art like this on a regular basis.

Check out more of Sora’s work on their reddit profile!

This clever artwork was one of our favorite comics from the Apex Legends community for this week

#10 – Getting fit with Apex Legends

All of us could use a little more fitness in our lives, and reddit user ieatpotato5 found the perfect way to do it. This clever graphic takes many well-known Apex Legends inside jokes and incorporates them into a helpful fitness chart.

This helpful fitness guide was one of our favorite Apex Legends community submissions for this week

#9 – The Sacrifice Had to be Made

It almost hurts to watch. The cruel pointfourdnb and their squad had won the game. It just wasn’t officially over yet. In the most brutally poetic BM of all time, the victors make a mockery of their last opponent alive — a Lifeline — by calling in a care package of their own… right on top of the helpless healer.

The sacrifice had to be made from apexlegends

#8 – “Let me monch an ankle”

Redditor DivineRedefined wants Apex Legends to get its own “last stand” mechanic. Sick of being useless “just because I’m bad,” Divine proposed that Respawn add a feature to allow players to bite the ankles of their opponents “for like 5 damage” while being downed.

We love this idea and we think Respawn should implement it immediately.

Let us bite peoples ankle for like, 5 damage while we’re down if they get too close from apexlegends

#7 – Keeping the Peace

This one comes from Reddit user Ozmoziz, who says that his wife handcrafted this custom Peacekeeper replica. The work here is stunning and incredibly detailed and we’d love to see more of it. Keep at it, Mrs. O!

This handcrafted Peacekeeper was one of our favorite artistic Apex Legends community submissions of the week

#6 – That one teammate

If you’ve played Apex Legends, you’ve probably met this guy. If you’ve met him, he’s probably made you want to ram your head into a wall. This comedically frustrating gif was created by Hirosensei2, who also takes the #1 spot on this list further down.

#5 – Warning: Ring closing

Not only is this quality comedy, it’s also a beautiful piece of artwork from reddit user fabricio_guerra. There are many witty little details thrown in throughout the piece, like Wraith stealing Gibraltar’s drink with a portal, Mirage using his own duplicate as a mirror to help him shave, and Gibraltar sitting his food on his own shield. You can find more of Fabricio’s work in his portfolio and social channels, which are displayed in the bottom-right of the picture.

Apex Legends players this week created many unique works of art, including this "Warning: Ring is Closing" piece

#4 – You decide.

This next one is absolutely hilarious. It’s ridiculous. And it’s annoyingly relatable. Rihta uses the brilliant comedy of Key and Peele here to take us through the journey of your average drop ship interaction in Apex Legends.

Every single time. from apexlegends

#3 – All Legends interactions with Octane’s jump pad

This is just very cool, hard work put in by YouTuber Mokeysniper. Right after Octane’s launch pads mysteriously appeared near the Market, Mokeysniper went in-game and diligently checked out every possible legend interaction they could find. The results were extremely fun and interesting to look at. Check out the video and witness all of the amazing and creative things you can do with these new launch pads.

#2 – Headline! Eagle-Eyed Reporter

One of our favorite submissions from last week was this excellent Legend concept by The-Goliath. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into it. The name is catchy, the art is nice and the abilities are all awesome! We’ve love to see Headline become a real thing in the game someday. I hope Respawn is paying attention!

This Headline legend concept was one of our favorite pieces of art for the week

#1 – The state of /r/ApexLegends

This was by far the best post of the week for us. This #HighQualityGif was also created by Hirosensei2 and walks us through the daily struggles of the moderators on the Apex Legends subreddit.

And that’s it for this week! We hope you enjoyed our first community round-up, meant to bring you the best memes, artwork and original content each week! Let us know what you thought and feel free to offer suggestions on how we can improve! For this first edition, we went through the Apex Legends subreddit and picked from the top posts of the week. For future submissions, please feel free to nominate what you think is the best OC produced by the community. Often the best work won’t make it to the top of the subreddit or trend on social media, so we’ll need your help to find it!

Please feel free to comment on this post with your submissions for next week. You can also tweet us your nominations, @DailyEsportsGG.