Apex Legends bug is ruining the game for level 500 players
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A new bug has popped up in Apex Legends that puts a damper on one of the game’s biggest accomplishments. According to a slew of reports, when a player hits level 500, the maximum level, the game will no longer allow you to log in to your account. It’s unconfirmed if this happens to every level 500 account, but it occurs enough that many are complaining about it. As of right now, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t commented on the matter even though the issue is all over Reddit.

For the most part, Apex Legends has been relatively bug-free in Season 3. Of course, there were some glitches here and there, but nothing major. However, this new bug with level 500 is certainly a cause for concern.

Level 500 in Apex Legends not worth it

A few weeks ago, Respawn introduced brand new levels and badges for those who went past level 100. This was a welcome introduction, as it gave players something new to grind for. While all seemed fine for a while, it now looks like everything is falling apart.

Apex Legends level 500 bug
The error screen some level 500 players are seeing in Apex Legends

In a complaint filed to an EA forum, players stated that when they reached level 500, their accounts would be locked. There’s seemingly no way around this, either. Players are forced to make a new account or stop playing. This forum complaint was posted on Jan. 6 and has since attracted a lot of attention from the community.

Even so, Respawn has yet to respond or comment. While this would be a big deal at any time, it’s especially big this week with the Grand Soiree Arcade Event coming up. Level 500 players, as of right now, won’t be able to participate and earn the rewards for their account.

Though they haven’t commented, hopefully, Respawn can figure out what’s causing this bug and patch it before the Grand Soiree event, which starts Jan. 14.

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