Apex Legends Bloodhound Twitch Prime skin leaked for October
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A reputable dataminer in the Apex Legends community has revealed what the next Twitch Prime skin could be. Any kind of cosmetic is always welcome in the fast-paced battle royale, but free skins are appreciated even more. Luckily for fans, Twitch Prime offers one new skin every few months for those with an Amazon Prime subscription. Earlier in the month, Rampart was the recipient of a new Prime skin to celebrate Season 6. However, the next cosmetic in the promotion has been leaked, and it looks to be going to Bloodhound.

Bloodhound the next Apex Legends Twitch Prime skin

As previously stated, there are new Twitch Prime skins every few months. This helps keep the promotion going while also retaining some exclusivity for the cosmetics. However, seeing Prime skins in an Apex Legends lobby is more common nowadays as the promotion has been going on for so long.

Still, though, these skins look terrific and are a great addition to anyone’s cosmetic locker. For Bloodhound mains, however, they haven’t been given the privilege of one of these skins. Legends like Pathfinder, Octane, Rampart, and Revenant all have been recipients of the promotion, but not the raven-calling tracker.

That seems like it’s about to change, though. Prominent data-miner @Shrugtal recently teased that the next Twitch Prime installment will be a skin for Bloodhound.

Shrugtal originally thought this skin would be slated for a July release. However, Respawn Entertainment pushed the cosmetic back to make room for Rampart and Season 6. It now appears that Bloodhound’s skin will arrive sometime in October, as Rampart’s skin expires on the first of that month. A concrete date is not yet known, however.

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