Apex Legends announces System Override event for next week
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A brand new event has just been announced for Apex Legends. Starting next week on Mar. 3, players can hop in and experience the ‘System Override’ event. This limited-time event will last approximately two weeks, taking place on both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon. Also, there will be tons of new mechanics within the event that Respawn could potentially introduce permanently later on. However, the big kicker with System Override is all-new cosmetics for Bangalore, Mirage, Caustic, etc. Also, it appears Octane’s Heirloom is set to make its debut. Let’s hop in and see what’s coming to Apex Legends next week.

The System Override event in Apex Legends

Like with all seasons, Respawn will be releasing the limited-time event near the middle of Season 4. In the past, this has been the catalyst for also releasing a new Heirloom Set, which we’ve known for a while will be dedicated to Octane.

However, in terms of the big picture, the System Override event is set to introduce a plethora of new features. You can watch the official trailer from Apex Legends below.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so we’ll quickly hit the key points of the upcoming event. First off, we see that System Override won’t just be a normal match of Apex Legends. There will be one specific ring per day, meaning that everyone will know exactly where the final zone will be in each match.

To go along with this, there will be permanent loot locations so you know if it’s worth it to drop or loot in that area. Within these loot locations and around the map, you can find ‘Evo Shields’, which are irregular shields that gain more health the more damage you inflict.

With the Evo Shields, you start out at one extra shield bar. Then, as you inflict more damage, you go up one shield bar at a time. However, with the Evo’s, there’s a level past gold, being red, which has five bars instead of four.

Apex Legends System Override event

In terms of the cosmetics, Respawn showed off new skins for Mirage, Bangalore, Caustic, and of course, Octane’s butterfly knife Heirloom. You can acquire these skins by simply playing the System Override event.

The event begins on Mar. 3 and will likely end around Mar. 17-18.

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