Apex Legends and Star Wars team up for a new Pathfinder skin
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The love for Pathfinder seems to keep rolling, as the robot Legend has a free skin available right now in Apex Legends. Yesterday we learned about a potential Heirloom set for the grappling robot, and now it has its own unique skin. Respawn Entertainment, developers of Apex Legends, just released yet another title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to raving reviews. Since the new Star Wars title is such a hit with fans, Respawn decided to do a little collaboration between their two biggest games.

Right now in Apex Legends, you can unlock a free Star Wars-themed Pathfinder skin. Let’s go over how you can earn this exclusive skin and dive into another Star Wars-related Easter egg. Also, be sure to check out our article on the upcoming Winter Express event coming to Apex Legends later this month.

The BP-1 Pathfinder skin in Apex Legends

Since Pathfinder is the only robot Legend, it makes sense the skin would be designed around it. The skin is called “BP-1 Pathfinder” and you can unlock by simply logging into Apex Legends from now until January 14.

The skin certainly has a Star Wars feel to it, as it matches the color scheme perfectly. You can only unlock the skin by logging into Apex Legends by the required date. After that, there will be no more chances to earn the skin.

Another Star Wars-related Easter egg?

Along with the BP-1 Pathfinder skin, Respawn has teased at something else Star Wars-related currently in Apex Legends. Manny Hagopian, a developer at Respawn, tweeted out that he put a Star Wars Easter egg somewhere in Apex Legends.

Hagopian stresses that this Easter egg is not gameplay-related. He also shared that someone in the community did end up discovering the Easter egg but was reluctant to divulge who. We’ll be sure to keep you posted so you yourself can find the Star Wars Easter egg.

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