Anime Champions Simulator Codes (February 2024)
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Anime Champions Simulator allows you to fight bosses across a wide variety of locations and construct a powerful team to do so. However, Anime Champions Simulator can be a bit of a grind, so to ease up on that, the developers have implemented codes that you can redeem to earn free rewards.

Team fighting games are extremely popular on Roblox, and Anime Champions Simulator is at the top of the list when it comes to overall player count within the genre. After all, fighting bosses using a team of anime characters sounds pretty sweet no matter who you are. To make the game even better, though, you can redeem a ton of codes to score amazing rewards.

Here are all of the active codes for Anime Champions Simulator as of February 2024.

Anime Champions Simulator Codes

I have confirmed these codes work as of early February, but you need to redeem them quickly before they expire. Anime Champions Simulator goes through code after code fairly fast, so make sure you don’t procrastinate.

  • GiveMeDPS—Redeem for 2K Diamonds and several other items (New)
  • SawbladeRaid—Redeem for 2K Diamonds and several Boosts (New)
  • StayClassy—Redeem for 2K Diamonds and several other items (New)
  • TrickOrTreat—Redeem for Halloween Candies and Boosts (New)
  • Chainsaws—Redeem for 2,5K Diamonds and Boosts
  • Gummybear—Redeem for 50 Premium Medals and Boosts
  • FixerUpper—Redeem for 2K Diamonds and Boosts
  • SpookyGremlins—Redeem for 1.5K Diamonds and several Boosts
  • updateshutdown – Redeem for a Drops Boost, a Coins Boost, and an EXP Boost 
  • thanks50mil – Redeem for 50 Talent Tokens, a Luck Boost, a Damage Boost, an Exp Boost, and a Coins Boost
  • updated – Redeem for Diamonds and Talent Tokens 
  • towerstuff – Redeem for 1 Coin Boost, 1 Luck Boost, and 1 Damage Boost 
  • MeltedIcecream – Redeem for 1 Daily Raid Key and 1,000 Gems
  • raidbuff – Redeem for 1 extra Raid Key and Talent Tokens
  • HappyHalloween – Redeem for Diamonds, Candies, and other items
  • 100kFaves – Redeem for 2,500 Diamonds, 10,000 Candies, and Boost items
  • WoodBall – Redeem for 1k Diamonds and other items 
  • oTMSaveUs – Redeem for 1 Luck Boost 
  • FreeKeys – Redeem for 2 Free Raid Keys and 1,000 Diamonds 

How to redeem Anime Champions Simulator codes

Now that you know the active codes, you need the steps in order to redeem them in-game.

First, open up Anime Champions Simulator in Roblox, go to the main menu screen, select the Shopping Cart option, press the Twitter logo, and then input your active code. If you have successfully entered the code, your reward will automatically be added to your account.

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