Anduin Wrynn officially joins Heroes of the Storm
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Heroes of the Storm has just officially announced that Anduin Wrynn has joined the Nexus.

This was hinted at earlier this year, as well as yesterday. Now part of the Heroes of the Storm character roster, Anduin will continue to fight against opposing forces just as he does as the High King of the Alliance in the World of Warcraft universe.

As a champion of the Nexus, Anduin is a Ranged Healer who can both keep his teammates alive and unleash the Light against his opponents.

Anduin Wrynn skills
Anduin Wrynn in the Heroes of the Storm PTR.

Anduin’s Trait is Leap of Faith, which can pull a teammate to his location and make them Unstoppable. This Trait can be combined well with his first Basic Ability, which is Flash Heal (Q). Flash Heal works like its namesake — it currently heals an allied hero for 260 hitpoints.

His next Basic Ability is Divine Star (W). This sends Light towards enemies, damages them, and returns to Anduin. It can also heal his teammates and the healing increase in percentage per enemy hero it hits. As for Chastise (E), it pushes the Light forwards to his opponents to root them, adding some crowd control to Anduin’s arsenal of abilities.

One of Anduin’s Heroics is Holy Word: Salvation (R), which requires channeling in order to invoke the Light. When used, Holy Word: Salvation can heal his allies for a percentage of their maximum health, as well as have them Protected. His other Heroic Ability is Lightbomb (R). Like its namesake, once cast on a teammate, it explodes after 1.5 seconds to damage enemies and Stun them. The targeted teammate also gets a Shield to take on 140 damage depending on the number of enemy heroes hit.

With Anduin as the newest champion to enter the Nexus, there will also be limited-time bundles available for players. These include the Anduin Heroic Bundle and Footman Varian Skin Pack. The current King of Stormwind will also be available as a new announcer.

Anduin Wrynn skins
The Neo-President Anduin skin in Heroes of the Storm.

As for his new skins, they include Elwynn Anduin, Westfall Anduin, Neo-Steel Anduin, Neo-Vigilante Anduin, as well as the leaked Neo-President Anduin skin. His base skins include Darkshire Anduin and Redridge Anduin. A bunch of new emojis and sprays will be available in Heroes of the Storm as well.

Anduin is now available to test out in the Heroes of the Storm Public Test Realm. Players are encouraged to report any bugs that they encounter before the Priest enters the regular game.

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