Andbox sign jcStani to complete their VALORANT roster
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Andbox signed Noah “jcStani” Smith, formerly of VALORANT team Immortals, on Wednesday, May 19. This finishes the team’s five-man roster and fills the gap from the recent departure of Aaron “b0i” Thao.

JcStani’s past

Before this pickup, jcStani had played for Immortals. Being part of their initial roster, he stayed with them for just under a year. Andbox wanted jcStani for his flexibility, as he’s able to both control gunfights and rush.

In terms of competitive performance, jcStani has reached some respectable finishes alongside Immortals. In February of 2021, in the VCT NA Challengers 1, they reached the grand finals. However, they lost to Sentinels.

Provided by Riot Games

Within more recent tournaments, Immortals haven’t been able to recapture that run in February. After a third-place finish in the next tournament, their success started to waiver. They’ve since failed to proceed past the semi-finals of both the winners and losers bracket in each tournament. With jcStani’s contract ending soon, he and Immortals decided to part ways.

Andbox’s future

Andbox are primarily known as a second tier squad but they’re trying to make a mark on the top tier of VALORANT. In the VCT 2021 NA Stage 2 Challengers 2, Andbox surprised all by finishing in fourth place behind NRG, Sentinels and Cloud9 Blue. With  their recent upset over Sentinels, however, they seem to be improving. Finally, with their pickup of jcStani, Andbox looks forward to even greater victories as he completes their roster with an apt replacement for b0i.

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