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It’s been a busy year for League of Legends — Riot Games introduced several new champions, a complete overhaul of items, and plenty more. The most recent introduction is a new LoL champion named Rell, also known as “the Iron Maiden.” Riot designed Rell to be the next tanky support and features brand new designs that are completely different from the rest.

Rell’s abilities in League of Legends

Riot made it easy to understand her and what her abilities do through some in-game clips on her Abilities page. Her abilities go as follows:

Passive – Break the Mold

Rell attacks very slowly but temporarily steals a portion of her target’s Armor and Magic Resist to deal bonus damage based on the amount stolen. Additionally, Rell can siphon resistances from multiple different foes to grow extremely tanky.

Q – Shattering Strike

Rell stabs forward with her lance, breaking any shields and damaging all enemies hit (damage decreases after the first target). If Rell has an ally bound with E – Attract and Repel, she and that ally recover health for each champion hit by this ability.

W1 – Ferromancy: Crash Down

She can only cast this while mounted. Rell leaps and transforms her mount into heavy armor, gaining a shield lasting until destruction or remounting. Upon landing, she knocks up all enemies around her. Rell can cast her E and R during the transformation. Additionally, she has increased durability, low movement speed, and a movement speed cap while in armored form. After the transformation, this ability changes to Ferromancy: Mount Up.

W2 – Ferromancy: Mount Up

If armored, Rell rushes forward, transforms her armor into a mount, and gains a burst of MS. During her next attack, she charges her target to deal bonus damage and flip them over her shoulder. Rell has increased movement speed while mounted. After the transformation, this ability changes to Ferromancy: Crash Down.

E – Attract and Repel

Rell magnetically binds a piece of her armor to a target allied champion, granting them bonus Armor and MR while nearby.
She can recast this spell to break the bind and stun all enemies around and between her and her bound ally.

R – Magnet Storm

Rell erupts in magnetic fury, yanking nearby enemies toward her. She then creates a gravitational field around her, pulling nearby enemies in for a few seconds. The field doesn’t interrupt her enemies’ other actions.

The Noxian weapon

The “Black Rose” is incredibly strong, according to Riot’s Champion Insights page. The development team stated that she’s a dark support with plenty of history and personality tied to Noxus. As a kid, her parents sent her off to a Noxian school to train to become a weapon in order to combat Mordekaiser. After some time, she became more powerful and realized that she never wanted to become the weapon her parents wanted her to be. With rage and fury, she left with the ultimate goal of saving children who can’t defend themselves.

For more information on Rell, readers can take a look at Riot’s official Champion Insights page. She will come with Patch 10.25 on December 9.

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