All Waypoints in Scosglen in Diablo 4
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Scosglen is one of the biggest regions of the map in Diablo 4, being home to more dungeons than any other region. This is where Act 2 of the main story takes place and players will need to connect with the Druids of the region in order to stop Lilith. However, if players want to fully discover the area before taking on their tasks in Scosglen, then they might want to know where all of the Waypoints are in the region of Diablo 4.

Waypoints are vital to discover in any region of the map, as they work as the game’s fast travel system. Since Scoslgen is such a large area, players might be more inclined to fast travel around to the different missions and locations. As such, knowing where to find all of the Waypoints will save players a ton of time in the long run.

The guide below shows exactly where to find all of the Waypoints in Scosglen and how to unlock each one.

Scosglen Waypoints in Diablo 4

The list below will explain where each Waypoint is, what its name is, and how to unlock it.

Waypoints in Scosglen in Diablo 4
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  1. Cerrigar – The central hub town of Scosglen, this Waypoint is found in the middle of the region
  2. Firebreak Manor – Located directly to the south of Cerrigar and right on the road that leads to Fractured Peaks
  3. Tirmair – Found due east of Cerrigar just below the red swamps of Scosglen
  4. Under the Fat Goose Inn – Located just south of Tirmair
  5. Braestaig – Found directly to the north of Cerrigar, this is where one of the main story missions in Scosglen takes place
  6. Corbach – Located northeast of Cerrigar and east of Braestaig
  7. Tur Dulra – Only unlocked after clearing the Tur Dulra Stronghold, found west of Cerrigar along the coast of the region
  8. Marowen – The northernmost Waypoint in Scosglen, found due north of Tur Dulra and south of the Lighthouse Stronghold

As you can see, there is one Waypoint, Tur Dulra, that is only unlocked after defeating the Stronghold that is there. Strongholds unlock several different Waypoints in other regions, and Scosglen continues that trend. So, by going to Tur Dulra, you will not only gain Renown for finding a Waypoint, but additional Renown for clearing a Stronghold. As such, I recommend heading there first, especially if you’re close to a Renown reward in Scosglen.

And there you have it, all eight Waypoints in Scosglen. You can find them all rather quickly, but clearing the Tur Dulra Stronghold is no easy feat. You can check out all of the Waypoints in Fractured Peaks and Dry Steppes if you’re interested in those regions as well.

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