All Vests in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer
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Vests are a brand new loadout feature in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. They are an additional item that you can equip on each individual loadout to change up how some of your other options work and behave.

If you played Black Ops 2 or 3, then you might remember the Wildcard system. Vests are extremely similar to Wildcards, as they are an extra part of your loadout that alters how another part works. Of course, the system does work a little differently in Modern Warfare 3, so allow me to fully explain how you use Vests in multiplayer and all of the ones we know of currently.

How Vests work in Modern Warfare 3

As I previously mentioned, you can think of Vests like Wildcards. You can equip one per loadout and by selecting one, you fundamentally change other aspects of your loadout.

One Vest might offer the ability to use two Tactical Grenades instead of one Tactical/one Lethal while another Vest completely alters how your character sprints in multiplayer. They are an add-on to the Perk system in MW3, basically, and can even change how many Perks you can have active at the same time.

At launch, we know six Vests will be available in MW3 multiplayer, and they work interchangeably with the other systems in the game. This mainly includes perks, which you can read about more in-depth in my previous guide. Take a look below to see all of the Vests we currently know about in MW3 and what they do.

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All Vests in Modern Warfare 3

  • Infantry Vest – Increases Tac Sprint duration and reduces refresh time.
    • Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Running Sneakers, gain the effects of Lightweight Boots.
  • Engineer Vest – Spot enemy equipment, Field Upgrades, and killstreaks through walls. Aiming down sights highlights them for the team. Faster Field Upgrade charge.
  • Gunner Vest – Deploy with max ammo. Improved reload speed.
    • Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Mag Holster, gain the effects of Mission Comlink.
  • Demolition Vest – Resupply Lethal and Tactical Equipment every 25 seconds.
  • CCT Comms Vest – Increases duration enemies stay on radar and zooms out radar for you and nearby allies. Enemies you kill drop intel packs, which generate a radar ping for you and nearby allies when collected.
    • Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Data Jacker (Gear), gain the effects of Mission Control Commlink (Gear).
  • Overkill Vest – Increased weapon swap speed. Reload while sprinting.
    • Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Quick-Grip Gloves, or Commando Gloves, gain the effects of Marksman Gloves.

The Vests play an integral role in the creation of your loadouts in MW3. However, we have to wait and see which ones are worth using over others, as there’s a ton to consider in regard to how each one changes your loadout selections.

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